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Does VR Porn Count as Cheating?

Do we have to worry about robots stealing our husbands? Being cuckolded by a software program? VR porn can seem pretty intense, but is this form of porn realistic enough to count as cheating?
Cheating itself can be a subjective term. Just as each relationship is unique and traverses the spectrum from healthy and open to controlling and abusive, the definition of cheating can have a far-reaching range. Is it emotional, is it physical, is it intimate?
Hardly a new debate, the question has been around for as long as there were different kinds of X-rated entertainment. Was it cheating to go and see a burlesque show? Is it cheating to go to a strip club? Have you broken your vows if you buy a porno mag (consult your local library) or if you watch a racy video online? They can be divisive questions when posed to couples and every couple has, or should have, their own set of rules for what determines cheating. So why is VR porn raising the question again and so loudly?

Is VR Porn Cheating?

The answer may be because of the truly immersive nature of virtual reality and its emerging possibilities. We strapped on a VR headset to see what VR porn was all about and crossed our fingers that it didn’t mean that we would be cheating on our spouses/girlfriends while we did it. (spoiler: we weren’t). We logged onto popular VR porn site WankVR.com and were immediately overwhelmed with the number of videos. No wonder it’s such a hot button topic right now! Most of the scenes in their catalogue allow you to watch and experience a larger than life porn scene that’s usually done with a first person point of view, like Any Given Funday with Aubrey Sinclair.

VR Porn - WankzVR - Aubrey Sinclair

Aubrey Sinclair, WankzVR, Any Given Funday

The POV (or Point of View) scenes ensure that all the action happens as though you’re in on the action, and Aubrey couldn’t be any closer. But the thing is, you still can’t touch her, and at the moment VR, for the most part, is view only. These are largely scenes that are pre-recorded and can be watched over and over again, and while you can view it from different perspectives, looking at different views around the room, the action remains the same.

VR Porn at WankzVR

Chloe Scott and Aidra Foxx, WankzVR, Back in the Day

It’s not quite the same though for webcam girls that are taking advantage of the opportunity that VR presents. Chat with a girl live in virtual reality and she’ll almost anything or show you anything you ask, so long as you tip her nicely. You still can’t touch, but technology is closer to allowing that than ever. With the rise of teledildonics, (one of our favorite words to say), users will be able to interact with a porn star inside their virtual reality environment using Bluetooth connected sex toys. There’s even talk about virtual reality suits that will allow users and corresponding webcam girls to feel touch.

So when does all this count as cheating?

That’s going to depend on your relationship and the boundaries that you’ve set up. While you won’t be able to actually touch a girl in VR, and you certainly can’t contract an STD or get her pregnant, there is the possibility of making an emotional connection that can become quite intimate. It’s a problematic dilemma as VR porn evolves and relationships alongside it. For many VR porn will provide a welcome addition to their sex lives, while for others it may replace it, and that is when it will become a real problem for couples.
While it’s difficult to see the current VR porn scenes available as cheating, the intimate connections that are possible through chatting with web cam girls could become defined as cheating especially once the ability to touch is added to the equation. For now, if you don’t consider regular porn as cheating, and we don’t think most people do, then there’s no reason that VR porn scenes should count as such either.

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