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VR Fun

Does VR Porn Count as Cheating?

Do we have to worry about robots stealing our husbands? Being cuckolded by a software program? VR porn can seem pretty intense, but is this form of porn realistic enough to count as cheating? Cheating itself can be a subjective ...
VR Gear

Google Daydream View VR

Detach from the real world and daydream with some help from Google and their Daydream View VR headset. With a unique fabric construction, this high-end virtual reality platform for Android is helping Google to muscle into the VR market that’s ...
VR Gear

Valve Five-Finger “Knuckles” Controller

We’ve been waiting for Valve’s SteamVR controller for the HTC VIVE since plans and impressions started leaking out in October of 2016 after the Steam Dev Days conference. And after waiting all these months we’re finally getting to hear more ...